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Our Story

Investing in People is easy

Supported by an interface with over 10 years of presence in the market and more than 1000 subscribing companies, PeopleInBest is a digital platform designed for all companies looking to optimise compensation through a flexible benefits plan.

Childcare Vouchers? Professional Training? Transportation?


Whatever the wishes of each Employee, all benefits are available through a 100% digital platform that brings together a range of partners for maximum choice. 


Fully customisable plans designed according to the dimension and needs of your business.


Respecting diversity means knowing that each employee has the freedom to explore a universe of choices.


Save time, management resources and unnecessary expenses on a single platform that increases the effectiveness of teams.


At the touch of a button, all benefits management is done through a single platform, with the convenience and speed necessary for a calmer day-to-day life.